Whether you run a hotel chain, boutique hotel or intimate B&B, branded or personalised treats are
an unusual (and delicious) way to delight your guests and keep your establishment top of mind.


Enjoy the power of sensory branding… as your guests enjoy their decadent treat,
your branded confectionery will leave a lasting impression.


We use quality ingredients and tried-and-tested recipes
to ensure your treats get lips smackin’ every time.


Pick your branding option from our selection of tasty goodies, including nougat,
fudge, and biscuits, as well as beverage stencils.


 Some ideas to get you started


• Personalise sweet treats for bedroom turndowns, adding surprising
and thoughtful touches to your guests’ experience.


• Brand delicious biscuits and offer them at conferences, meetings,
corporate events or weddings hosted at your establishment.


• Offer branded biscuits, fudge or nougat in your tea &
coffee packages, or on display in the lobby.


• Serve a branded treat with every tea or coffee
order at your café, bar, deli or restaurant.


• Offer branded treats at your spa or salon,
as a thank you for your guests’ patronage.


For more ideas and to see what we’ve created for
our happy clients, browse our photo gallery.


Contact us today so we can make a sweet
deal to suit your establishment’s needs.

We professionally brand or personalise a range of delicious treats for your clients, customers, partners or guests.
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