About Us

The name says it all! We professionally brand or personalise a range of delicious treats for your clients, customers, partners or guests.

Few of us can resist a sweet treat! Our promotional bites offer a unique opportunity to tickle the taste-buds of your guests AND share your business (or personal) message.

Visit the PromoBites Pantry to choose the sweetest treat for your business, hospitality or special occasion.

Or get in touch today so we can create the perfect Promo Bite for you!

How it all began

In May 2004, a Greek father-and-daughter team put their heads together to solve a problem that had for years captivated them: bringing a brand to the boardroom in the form of biscuits. Together they set forth on their journey of exploration into the world of moulding, baking and embossing.
Through their many failed attempts, their persistence at working out the perfect recipe and technique, they gave birth to what is today known as PromoBites.

Together, unknown in the market, they pioneered through wedding and marketing exhibitions, slowly but surely carving out a name for themselves in corporate gifting circles. Each year, they added to the product catalogue, extending their branding of biscuits to nougat, fudge and even coffee stencils.

It is with pride that both father and daughter look back on the past 12 years of their work in building the foundations of PromoBites – and with great excitement that they await its next chapters…

Today the team has expanded to include Alexia Swart (Chief Officer of Brilliance).
Lover of all things clever, funky and functional, Alexia brings her knack for business and creative flair to the corporate gifting world. Always on her toes, ready to meet the market with new product offerings and services, Alexia is taking on the challenge of managing PromoBites with the promise of bringing a unique and memorable touch to corporate events and functions. Her zeal for success, radiant positive energy, determination and great sense of humour are without a doubt, the quintessential ingredients of any PromoBite.

Branded Fudge

We use quality ingredients and tried-and-tested recipes to
ensure your treats get lips smackin’ every time.